SET: IN-13 NixieTherm and IN-14 Nixie Clock in Techno style

    Pure “Soviet techno set”! The best price! Presenting - cold cathode display technology based on glow discharge. Authentic Soviet IN-14 18mm (H) Nixie tubes are soldered to circuit with programmed time back up, and “Slot machine” cathode poisoning prevention readouts. USB socket feeds the clock from computer. IN-13 160x10mm Nixie tube is soldered to analogue PCB purely referring it to early ages. Dual °F and °C bargraph saves from correlating data in mind. The devices have RGB LEDs just to suit the epoch, have been assembled manually, of the best spare parts and materials. They can be adjusted from back panel and turned on and off with a knob. The set is best suitable for offices and individuals related to electronics, IT, and engineering. It is perfect as a gift to a colleague, for hobby collection, or styling up your place.
    Already in 220 BC, Philo of Byzantium knew that air was expanding and shrinking when affected by temperature. And in 17th century, Galilei is said to invent first thermoscope.  Engaged in expensive industries, the cold cathode display technology was never used for mass production of thermometers in the USSR. Though, having thermometers in flats was very popular. But they were mostly cheap, with red alcohol filling of the bulb. This makes IN-13 NixieTherm a sumptuous thermometer that has preserved the spirit of the Soviet time rendering cheap alcohol filling by red-orange plasma crawl in the tube against the bargraph. 
    The technology used in Millclock IN-14 Nixie tubes clock was first introduced by Haydu Brothers in XX century. And it was also too expensive for mass production of clocks, though it looked gorgeous. This model has affordable price, and “Slot machine” number randomizer brings little Las Vegas glare to your device.
    The set of IN-13 NixieTherm and IN-14 Nixie clock is a great catch for techno people and fans of retro devices! 
Time format: 24 time display
Indication: - Hours, minutes/ - Date, month
Functions: - Backlight switched ON/OFF - Show date switched ON/OFF - Neon colon indicators blinking at 1Hz - Night mode effect of Slot Machine (preventing cathode poisoning) - Built-in battery socket, time backup during power interruptions - Simple time\date adjusting - mode & set buttons on back panel
Power: 12V/1A (adapter included, EU socket)
Board size: 100 x 30 mm

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