IN-14 Single Digit Nixie Tube Clock Assembled With Black Acrylic Enclosure


Millclock present the smallest clock from the line of nixie clocks. 

The best quality and the cheapest price on the market as usual. 

Modern design with hi-tech features. 

Two cases are available: black and clear acrylic.


- 12V powered,easy to be used on your working table.

- Support 12H or 24H display modes

- Support 3 different Effects for displaying time. 

- Six-colored RGB LED mounted under the NIXIE tube. 

  This LED can display any color with a lot of per-defined auto color change effects. 

- High accuracy RTC inside. 

- Built-in battery socket, time backup during power interruptions. 

- Simple time setting by using 2 buttons.

- Power:12V/1A (adapter included, EU socket).



1pcs fully assembled clock(with an IN-14 nixie tube,all installed in an black acrylic case)

1pcs adapter (12V/1A, EU socket),ready to go,just plug it. 


 Millclock’s IN-14 single digit Nixie tube clock can decorate a village house, an artist’s cockloft, and any fashionable company especially specializing in creative fields. It will make employees feel more relaxed in an office environment and calm down the eventual fights. It will be a very precious and special gift that will be preserved for years and will tell more than you could tell with the words.

Time format: 12 / 24 time display
Indication: - Hours, minutes
Power: 12V/1A (adapter included, EU socket)

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