IN-14 Nixie tube Clock assembled with Bright Wood ENCLOSURE GPS Alarm and adapter 6-tubes by MILLCLOCK

Eclectic collision of styles and genuine display method merged in the IN-14 Nixie clock
We are happy to present a touch of loft design and Nixie technology applied to the Soviet wooden quartz table clocks of the 60es. Nixie tube genuine display method framed in such a fusion of loft and vintage designs will delve your space into the ambiance of “true things” and “eclectic collision of styles”.
This crafted construction also brings out the functional pageant in its center part that carries the tubes. The clock displays precise time and date, plays physiologically sensitive alarms and glows with vanity of backlights, runs musings-free CAP (cathode anti-poisoning) routine and is snugly sleeping. In any of these modes, you can modify its hue and amber span, its speed range, succession of coils, and kill or revive any of its activities. The number of functions is lavish if not superfluous, and the clock’s control is as unstrained as the loft style itself.
As the time display is the clock’s major function, it bears GPS, and just in case, time correction remedy.Alarm with psychologically sensitive tones. Flashy CAP marches, cranky colon whims and other pleasant trifles are given precise and clear coverage in the clock’s manual. By the size, one tube is about 45 mm, it accurately fits to show time on your office table, or home fireplace deck. The clock’s attainable price makes it even more succulent décor and is in line with the all Millclock products.
Service life
The clock feeds from 12V/1A, or operates autonomously using replaceable CR1220 batteries. All the parts are of high quality and cathode anti-poisoning routine is prolonging its service. All electronic parts are under guarantee of 1 year from production date, with the average service life of 5 years. The tubes are sensitive to outer impacts and should be used as it is shown in the images.
This Millclock product lists the best price. It is best for your home, office, or as a gift. The clock is nicely and securely packed and has a guide.

Time format: 12/24 time display
Indication: - Hours, minutes, seconds / - Date, month, year
Functions: - The GPS function - The Alarm clock - The Backlight menu item turns the backlight on and off in the Operation mode (one click button-night mode) - 99 types of brightness and clours of the backlight - Gradual switching of numbers means smooth change of numbers of hours, minutes and seconds. The new value gradually covers the previous one. - Mode of separation colons - The Program of flipping though colors - Correction of time - Automatic winter/summer time changing according your time zone - Show date switched ON/OFF - Neon colon indicators blinking at 1Hz - Built-in battery socket, time backup during power interruptions - Simple time\date adjusting
Power: 12V/1A (adapter included, EU socket with an converter depending on the country of the buyer).

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  • Product Code: IN-14X6(Bright Wood GPS and Alarm)
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  • $314.99

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