IN-13 Nixie Tube Indoor Thermometer of the Space age

    The idea to push current through the cathodes in form of numerals in clocks was invented in the West. But the widely accepted idea to make gas in the tube of thermometer change its length appeared in the East. In the 60es. Though, it was probed in early XX century in UK. Millclock Nixie tube thermometers are produced in Ukraine who re-invented it and brought to life. 

Back in the Arms race era, there appeared lots of measurement devices based on this technology, especially in spaceships building, and as music frequency analyzers. Neon, argon, mercury got widely used not only as indicators, but in lighting lamps in schools and hospitals, advertisement boards.

    This Millclock Nixie tube indoor bar graph thermometer has linear gas discharge level indicator IN-13, orange glow, 2 adjustable independent RGB LEDs, perfectly programmed green PCB, completely transparent enclosure in the Space age style with bare sides to show the circuit and lazar cut angle pillars. It is a perfect retro device in techno design with a hint to “who gets first into space” rivalry. 

    As we see the Nixie tube music analysers from the past are currently being modernized to voice analysers. But the old Nixie IN-13 thermometer can only be associated with the old Edward Walker’s relaxing Astro- or lava-lamp of the 60es, or a small space ship souvenir from the Soviet epoch, “Vostok” space ship and Yuriy Gagarin who is going to visit the city this Sunday with his flourishing cortege, cheers and joy!  This is the picture that one could get very time looking at this Millclock reminiscence of the past.

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