IN-12 Nixie Tube Clock With Dark Chocolate Wood Enclosure



IN-12 NIXIE Tube Clock of the era of Soviet constructivism

If you are looking for an implementation of the Soviet soul, it was hidden in this IN-12 Nixie Tube Clock. The Soviet style of constructivism is unexpectedly presented here with the sensitive wooden material. Although, we can see a slight reminiscence of the art nouveau style in the rounded angles of the construction, the rest in this model reflects the mere common sense: 

four IN-12 Nixie tubes (18mm);

separator bulb;

no d├ęcor;

two settings press buttons on the top panel;

and a power cable at the back panel. 

Millclock trademark sign is finishing this functional design. Due to the wood, we can sense, on the contrast, the breath of emotion through the logics of glow discharge and sever style.

The style of constructivism fully corresponds to the vast set of technical functions: 

different modes of time/date/month display, so that you can change your impression of time in your clock;

time backup, so that you do not have to reset the clock, if the power goes off; 

slot machine effect to prolong service life of the tubes;

built in battery socket to make your clock independent from your power station; 

easy set up of almost entire clock behavior;

and stunning number of RGB backlight programs. 

This IN-12 Nixie tube clock in warm material and severe exterior represents a true reflection of the Soviet epoch.



Time format: 12 / 24 time display

Indication:- Hours, minutes/- Date, month


- Backlight switched ON/OFF

- Show date switched ON/OFF

- Neon colon indicators blinking at 1Hz

- Night mode effect of Slot Machine (preventing cathode poisoning)

- Built-in battery socket, time backup during power interruptions

- Simple time\date adjusting - mode & set buttons on back panel

Power:  12V/1A (adapter included, EU socket).

Board size:  100 x 30 mm


For this price you will get the fully and properly assembled Clock with case(DARK CHOCOLATE WOOD), boards, components and pbs.

You only need to switch on your clock and set the time, date, and year.

Time format: 12 / 24 time display
Indication: - Hours, minutes/ - Date, month
Power: 12V/1A (adapter included, EU socket).
Board size: 100 x 30 mm

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