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    We are a guild of technicians, who hand-craft Nixie Tubes indication appliancesof unique conceptual and technological design. It began, when we started todo, what we loved, for people, whom we cared. And appreciation of our buyersmade us, who we are now. As we make our journey, we explore technicalprogress as embodiment of what people value. We find universally valuableexperiences and create succession of moving life stories. Based on them, wecreate our concepts.In our appliances, the Nixie Tubes technology plays the role of a precious stoneelement. It is a visible natural process that is seen as glow discharge and isextracted by people from electric current. We render our concept in a technicaldesign with reifying set of functions. And we accomplish it in a statement visualdesign with allusive and reliable materials. Thus, our moving stories becomeindication appliances. The owner can communicate with them, watch themwork, touch their surfaces, hear their sounds, and share their history.


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Nixie Clocks and Thermometer at Millclock

nixie tube clockIf you want to have an extraordinary number in your environment, we recommend you to regard a nixie thermometer and nixie clock which can be suggested for sale at our website! That is exactly what our company develops and offers at the world market as the best alternative to the classical variants. We produce our products in Ukraine, test every piece of it and assemble the tube clock by hands providing our customers with the system of high quality working without fail being a particular decoration for any interior. They are intended for use at night and during a day being easy to customize.

What is nixie clock?

This is an electronic device made of several nixie tubes established on or inside the enclosure. The glowing numbers are placed into the tubes, which are lick-tight as far as they are filled with a gas mixture consisting of argon, neon and mercury. But mostly we use low pressure neon. The numerals are made of electrodes - ten cathodes stacked one in front of another forming the digitals. The device is programmed to show the relevant information on the wires.

About technology

You can compare the principle of work of nixie devices with neon lamps. In a tube there are ten cathodes and one anode shaped in the form of a mesh or cage surrounding the numeric wires made of metal. They are not filaments but separate negative cathodes, which do not touch each other. When a high-enough voltage appears between the anode and cathode, the glow discharge occurs around the relevant wire following its shape and indicating the time, we expect to see.

Does nixie watch exist?

This is a perfect solution for those, who want to be cranky a little bit wearing nixie tube watch. Here the same display technology is applied being extremely easy to read. The glowing digits of orange coloring will show you the exact time. The nixie watch is equipped with software making it act in a proper way. This accessory is the matter of style allowing you to set yourself apart from others spending not so much. You can find the nixie watch for sale and enjoy it almost for nothing!

Advantages of nixie tube clock especially when they are for sale

  • • bright and very stylish design incorporating fresh elements into your interior;
  • • being easy-to-read the properly shaped numbers are absolutely clear even for people with weak sight;
  • • the best choice for the conditions when there is a need to fix time in darkness or bad light;
  • • low price mostly because they are made of the nixie tubes taken from Ukrainian New Old Stock;
  • • the construction and technologies are extremely reliable.

Our assortment of nixieclock

We produce the clocks of various designs. Some of them are established on wood and plastic foundations; the others are arranged in acrylic frames or enclosed in wooden boxes. All of them combine contemporary trends with technologies peculiar to Soviet Block times - that period full of mystical submarines, technical secrets and classified defense information – that historical deja vu in the framework of the cold war policy. That’s it! You can enjoy the lack of décor, straight lines and wide range of functions. Add to the above list the fact that these machines are almost eternal being damage-tolerant and failure-resistant. We offer the models consisting of four and six tubes. The former shows hours and minutes, while the latter gives more details about the time allowing you to count seconds.

There is also option of switching a date on and off. The tubes glow with various colors: the numbers are always bright-orange and the back or framing lights are blue or white. Indeed the coloring is conditioned by the gas placed in the tube. There is an option of changing the colors of the backlight and their brightness. It is easy to adjust the time and date using two or three buttons located on the back or top panel of the clock.nixie watch

We provide another useful option: if the power is off, the settings will not be zeroed out! They’ll be saved and renewed after the power is on thanks to the clock backup mechanism. The clocks are marketed together with an adapter with the socket of the country where our customer will use the mechanism.. There are models with remote control and alarm. Moreover, the GPS function is available. And you can feel independent with the built in battery socket.

When you buy nixie clock at our e-shop, you get the properly assembled timepiece, an enclosure, all the components, and adapter. Just switch it on and adjust it in accordance with the current date and time. We are based in Ukraine, but both the domestic and international shipping is available.