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Millclock’s trademark is contemporary and affordable Nixie clocks. Steampunk is converted to Fallout Nixie clock, Techno – to functional Futurism, and Nixie clock in wood case – to contemporary Loft.

Series of Nixie clocks and Nixie clock kits

We offer 1, 4, 6 lamp Nixie clocks in acrylic and wood enclosures or open Nixie clock circuit. Millclock handcrafts vintage Nixie clocks with obsolescent Nixie tubes, contemporary Nixie clocks with IN 18 of modernized design and own production (ZIN 18), and superfluous selection of modernized Nixie clock kits.

3 Benefits of our Nixie clocks and Nixie clock kits

All our products are power saving and spare your money. Power supply varies from 10 V to 170 V, and consumption of current is only about 5 mA.

All Nixie clocks and SMT parts are made manually with professional equipment of high classes. 

The models are offered with advanced Standard software version of microprocessor and versions with supplementary features that makes the price affordable in every series.

3 Hints on to choose Nixie products

As you choose a Nixie desk clock or a Nixie watch, you may want to pay attention to:

  1. the lamps modern/obsolescent;
  2. their quantity;
  3. and the software features that you will need:
  • Date auto display, Reminder of an hour (from 5 am to 11 pm), Alarm clock.
  • Force start Gradual/Abrupt switch of digits, force start spectacular Cathode anti-poisoning, numerous Under lighting effects.
  • Sleeping mode, Colors of the setting mode.
  • Correction of accuracy, GPS, WiFi.
  • Remote control, Censor screen, Mobile (Android, Apple iOS) and desktop applications.

Fully assembled Nixie clock is best for individuals and companies as a perfect timepiece, external accessory, and present. A Nixie clock kit is best for technical individuals to assemble own Nixie clocks. All Nixie clock kits are simple and easy to assemble.

The best price for Nixie clocks and Nixie clock kits

  • As we have close access to New Old Stock in Ukraine and as we produce own lamps the price of our Nixie clocks and Nixie clock kits is cheaper than at the market.
  • We often make discounts and tend to make our customers happier. 

Fast free shipment and service

All our orders are nicely packed and secured for shipment. We ship our products for free anywhere on the globe. No concealed fees or charges. Each Nixie clock is shipped with AC/DC adapter with EU/US plug, is ready for use and is subject to warranty.

We appreciate the trust of our customers, as your input makes us better developers.