We would like to deal with and handle possible guarantee services promptly, obligingly and in an uncomplicated manner for you. The following "rules of the game" would not only be of help but are necessary:

1. Millclock-tubes are guaranteed to be free of material and manufacturing flaws that impair the operability or quality. Guarantee applies for 6 months as from purchase date.

2. Tubes of other labels, wear parts, i.e. all components that are installed in other devices, lose their guarantee upon installation or start-up in the external device. The statutory claims under guarantee remain unaffected.

3. There is no claim for guarantee in case of glass breakage, glass flaws or burned heating filaments

4. The claim under guarantee for Millclock end phase tubes expires upon unprofessional utilisation of the tubes.

5. Guarantee for Millclock output tubes is granted for complete duets, quartets etc. Return consignment therefore have to contain complete sets. The guarantee is limited, as we decide and deem to be correct, to repair, replacement or compensation of purchase price. Further claims are excluded.

6. Each return consignment shall include a copy of the respective invoice or a receipt together with an error description that is as precise as possible. Replacement in advance is principally not possible.

7. Return consignments shall be sent carriage paid. Consignments carriage forward cannot be accepted. Please contact our Service Team should any uncertainties arise.

8. Our return policy allow you to return item in 14 days period after your order recieved.