About us – e-shop nixie clock and thermometers Millclock

About us – e-shop nixie clock and thermometers Millclock

The Millclock is a Ukrainian company specialized on manufacturing and distribution of original clocks, watches and thermometers developed in the futuristic steampunk style.

We incorporate the innovative technology of the foretime and industrial design with use of nixie tubes. The proud owner of the master-piece from our collections has an excellent chance to stand out of the ordinary mainstream accessories and enjoy the advantages of this pinnacle of engineering, which return to us from not too distant past. Our products match almost any interior at home and in the office.

Mission and goals

The company does its best to accelerate growth, create new opportunities for the unique technologies and sharpen the business by improving the service level being client sensitive and oriented. Our mission is to connect present-day production, efficient marketing and creative aspect in one winning strategy. Our goals are to collaborate with our partners removing barriers and contribute to the common wellbeing and happiness.

Technology and assortment

The Millclock product usually consists of Nixie tubes, case or enclosure, programmed circuit, durable battery, your country adapter and some other details depending on a model. The case or enclosure can be made of different materials like wood, transparent acryl with elements made of aluminum. There are various options, which extend the functionality of a time keeper or thermometer providing a user with a real luxury of a top-quality thing. The marketed models are represented in a diverse design. There are characterized by various operating modes, simple adjustment, built-in battery socket, durable battery providing uninterrupted work within up to ten days. But still the zest of the product is nixie tubes from New Old Stock being an example of the past scientific achievement and looking very fresh nowadays. We can say that the history repeats itself. Everything old is new again.

True values of the company

The Millclock creative team consists of strategy makers and professionals, which take full responsibility for the business process thinking of it as of an adventure. The designers are the dreamers being able to bring their ideas to life. All the operations are arranged in a smooth and efficient way. We value a culture of excellence and respect every member of our team developing the best conditions for their personal fulfillment.

Benefits from collaboration with us

Every partner or customer can count on the best service for our part and some more additional advantages:

  • Reliable quality of our production being tested at manufacturing site.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Design developed for comfortable use.
  • Assortment which is never out of stock.
  • Individual attention to everybody.
  • Adherence to agreement commitments.

We’ll be happy to accommodate your needs. Just contact with us to get more information about the business terms and conditions as well as ordering.

There 5 people behind the creative Millclock team. Olga is a strategy maker and marketing adventurer. Igor (picture above) is a main futurist and The dreamer, he is the reason this watch is dreamed of and created.

Dmitriy is our hero futurist who connects ancient tubes into a seamless and one-of-a-kind design. Yulia makes logistics and delivery go smoothly and accurate. Just like our dream watch does.

For quite a while now, we have been exploring the ways how the nearly forgotten unique industrial material kan be used in futuristic steampunk design.

The time has come to present the world with the Moonracer! Our excitement is as large as to the moon and BACK!

About us – e-shop nixie clock and thermometers Millclock

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