IN-14 or IN-12 Nixie Tubes Clock

Are you looking for some IN-14 or IN-12 Nixie Tubes Clock?
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     The expensive Soviet Nixie tube clock only used for military purposes in this Millclock model meets the hand-crafted enclosure. This gives the impression that wealth has reached the common people and that the military technology is now serving for peace-time purposes.What strikes most in this Nixie tube clock model is its transparent plastic enclosure and 4 minimalistic glass tubes. Such combination of materials brings the Soviet and the contemporary epochs together. Transparency of the enclosure reveals the circuit and makes you almost feel the chemistry work. The blue LED back lights in the tubes show the moldered socket connections that give the whole machine a techno style glare. Being widely requested, this model has been presented both in IN-12 and IN-14 versions. The board dimensions of 100 x 30 mm make it a convenient modernized and applicable Soviet souvenir. Also it is produced in Ukraine that used to form the Soviet Union and knows how it was originally done.


    This clock is an electronic device made of nixie (contracted scientific name) tubes that contain low pressure gas: neon, and electrodes: wires of cathodes shaped like numerals and an anode mesh, positively and negatively charged. The tubes are mounted on the enclosure and connected to the circuit that is programmed to show information on these wires. Applying power to one cathode surrounds the wire number with a glow discharge or plasma of the orange coloring that is conditioned by the type of gas in the tube.
Due to the cathode poisoning prevention mechanism and highly professional tube soldering the lifetime of this Millclock tube clock is almost unlimited. Also, plasma based technology that is widely used in TV sets and neon lamps production has proved to be very popular with the customers.
     After unpacking this Nixie tube clock and having a good look at its elegancy, you can find two buttons “Mode” and “Set” on the back panel to easily and intuitively set the hours, minutes, date and month. And in case of eventual power disruption the backup mechanism will accurately save your settings. Moreover, the Millclock Nixie tube clock is a power saving device that consumes only 12V. And adapter with the EU socket will make it ready for your use both in the western and eastern states. This fine and applicable fusion of Soviet history and techno design can be only delivered to you within a few days and will be cheering you up for a long time.

Time format: 24 time display
Indication: - Hours, minutes/ - Date, month
Functions: - Backlight switched ON/OFF - Show date switched ON/OFF - Neon colon indicators blinking at 1Hz -Night mode effect of Slot Machine (preventing cathode poisoning) - Built-in battery socket, time backup during power interruptions - Simple time\date adjusting - mode & set buttons on back panel
Power: 12V/1A (adapter included, EU socket).
Board size: 100 x 30 mm

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