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How long will shipping take?

Shipping time always varies. However as a guideline these are the average shipping times:

   UK:        10-14 days

   Europe:    10-14 days

   Australia: 2-3 weeks

   Japan:     2-3 weeks

   Hong Kong:     2-3 weeks

   USA: 1-2 weeks

Will my clock come assembled and ready?

Yes, when you receive the clock it will be fully functional. However, there are 2 things you should have on your own, whether you are an international customer or not:

       wall plug 12V 1A DC regulated power adaptor

       fully assembled clock


       gift box

Are the tubes on the clock removable and/or replaceable?

They are soldered on, so we can replace it for you or send you a new tube for replacement.

Some our nixie clocks have a socketed tubes, so it is very easy to replace.

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