Clock with a wooden case

Clock with a wooden case

The Soviet style of decoration is largely related to wooden products. It’s caused by a variety of factors. Firstly, the technological development at that time didn’t achieve such a level as it’s now, but the industrial level made the SMT technology of elements setting on the panel possible. Secondly, the popularity of retro style is extremely gained. The emphasis on the style of constructivism The displaying of the time is one of the key human’s needs, because in fact all actions are taking place due to it. This is exactly what the developers of clocks from glass neon tubes inside the wooden case were guided by.

Such clocks have a lot of advantages over others, namely:

  • a programmable chip, that allows you to display the date and time in the real-time;
  • high-current battery;
  • colorful RGB-backlighting, which has different display modes as well as broaching tools.

These clocks are made in the purely Soviet style, what will definitely please people of that time. Their severe design as well as high-quality processing of materials accurately display household appliances of the XX century, which was famous for its reliability and durability. Applied technologies Average longevity of Nixie tubes varied from about 5,000 hours for the earliest types, to as high as 200,000 hours or more for the last types to be introduced. There is no formal definition of the "end of Nixies’ life" except mechanical failure. A smart algorithm for supplying electric current to the cathodes was developed specially for these clocks, using them neon pulsations correspond to the output at the end.

The effect of the random meaning for the current strength significantly prolongs the lifetime of the cathode, because it unloads the molecular structure of the metal from the loads. This allows short-term rest for the metal, increasing its life. The performance in a severe conservative style with an emphasis on the development of radio-technical science to the clock a true reflection of the Soviet style. Neon indicators blinking at a frequency of 1 hertz cause a persistent illusion of the power supply board’s stable operation, manufactured specially for these clocks using a special technology.

This is necessary in order to improve the technical parameters of the clocks, and also to strengthen the reliability of already strong system. Being a widely demanded model on the market with an established mass-production gives a firm confidence in the availability of all models of this type. They can be placed in a case of wood, composite epoxy materials (CEM), plastic or other industrial materials. By all means it causes a great demand in the market, as well as a great success among customers. An univocal advantage of such models is the high quality of manufacture, as well as a long-term warranty for the goods.

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