Moonracer Watch

Moonracer Watch

1. Millclock created a watch with an original design. Space theme shows through in every detail. Particular attention is payed to light bulbs and luminous tubes, which, in fact, show time. The Nixie technology, which underlies this project, is patented a long time ago.

Its roots go way back to the time, when the space exploration was just at the beginning. Today, the manufacturing company use the New Old Stock Nixie tube in the new trendy Moonracer watch. This is a good option for people, who are not afraid to express themselves, prefers to be always in sight, dreams of becoming one of the most successful people in the world. Moonracer Watch - the embodiment of the ideal combination of materials and the flight of creator’s ideas.

All owner’s needs are united in this stylish accessory:

• a capacious battery, that allows use the watch for a long time without recharging;

• reliable case is made of black anodized aluminum and acrylic;

• an ideally programmed clockwork, that works without interruption;

• stylish strap, which is ideal for any wrist. The originality and functionality of the accessory attracts absolutely everybody’s attention. Moonracer watches were appreciated by stylists, designers, hipsters and many other lovers of everything new, interesting and unusual.

2. The original, ergonomical and trendy design of Moonracer watches completes its unique functionality. They don’t show time constantly. It’s done in order to save battery power. If you want to see the time, you should just press any of two buttons, and Nixie tubes will display the exact time. You can adjust the watch yourself. This applies to the time format: 24-hour or 12-hour. Such an accessory arouses the interest of its appearance. It's not just a case with a strap and luminous tubes. Millclock presents various options of accessories. The only condition is that this person must be a connoisseur of modern design and everything new.

Moonracer watch can be a great gift to any person:

• These Nixie tubes watches will perfectly fit into the world of a small Star Wars lover and other geeks;

• Such an accessory will become for hipsters as a new highlight in their style, which underlines their personality;

• Fans of electronics will appreciate the technical side of the product;

• Fashion Industry representatives will be interested in the extravagant design of the Moonracer watches, which fits perfectly into the modern concept of fashion.  

3. Moonracer watches became a sensation 6 months ago. Their popularity is not getting weaker even today. This is facilitated not only by the appearance, convenient strap, but also the used in their creation Nixie tubes, which displaying numerals or other information using glow discharge. You can think, that it’s too energy-consuming? No! The perfect combination of the tubes and light bulbs, a properly programmed clockwork and a high capacity battery give an excellent result. The creators of the Moonracer watches take care of the battery energy rational spending.

That’s why it doesn’t glow without need. Millclock decided not to stop there and announced the release of a new model of their clocks. Novelty details are kept secret. It is only known, that it will be clocks with the largest IN-18 Nixie lamps. The creators promise to release a new accessory in several variants of cases. The expected model will be different from the previous ones by the availability of modern technologies, ergonomical and extravagant design. Otherwise, the Millclock watches remain the ideal option for stylish and self-confident people.  

4. Millclock company offers you to pay attention to N-14 Nixie tube Clock model.

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    Hello I was recently gifted a moonracer nixie watch and was wondering if you could email me at [email protected] an instruction manual if at all possible.

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