We are sure that these three letters do not ring hollow for you. You are most likely an expert in

Programmable Logic Controllers or at least you have a clue what it means. If you need an

apprehensible, trustworthy and versatile device to reify any automation idea, or if you are just a

geek, tired of assembling devices on your own, we are happy to offer you this not expensive but

high-quality device under our sub-brand PeLiCano.

PeLiCano device represents a Platform for creating Automated Systems for monitoring and

control of infrastructural objects. Its competitive advantage lies in higher performance and wider

functionality. It can be expanded as much as you need with our own or third-party modules.

Very soon, this product is going to hit Kickstarter. It will be a unique Programmable Logic

Controller with open source. It will bear powerful processor on board, touch TFT display, and

wifi module. Such a kit will provide for high-speed performance, easy control, better

communication and capacity to build systems as smart house and Internet of things.

PeLiCano device is a flexible solution and can be employed at all phases starting from

prototyping to mass production.

This device will allow you to create:

• 3D printers and CNC machine-tools;

• household, fire, and burglar alarm systems;

• control systems for devices or conveyors;

• intelligent automated electrical shields;

• tracking systems for rolling stocks;

• automated systems of heating, ventilation, irrigation.

And all this and even more you can have at the least effort and time.

PeLiCano - more features at lower price!

• Automation for all!

• Automation right here and right now!

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