Need Help?


How long will shipping take?

Shipping time always varies. However as a guideline these are the average shipping times:

   UK:        10-14 days

   Europe:    10-14 days

   Australia: 2-3 weeks

   Japan:     2-3 weeks

   Hong Kong:     2-3 weeks

   USA: 1-2 weeks

Will my clock come assembled and ready?

Yes, when you receive the clock it will be fully functional. However, there are 2 things you should have on your own, whether you are an international customer or not:

       wall plug 12V 1A DC regulated power adaptor

       fully assembled clock


       gift box

Are the tubes on the clock removable and/or replaceable?

They are soldered on, so we can replace it for you or send you a new tube for replacement.

Some our nixie clocks have a socketed tubes, so it is very easy to replace.

Will my nixie tube be hazardously hot if left on?

If running constantly the tube will only be slightly warm so there's no hazard to touch it or for it to be placed near other objects. However it is not advised to be placed by open fire or heaters.

Can you tell me how many volts these thing need to light. Do they need any sort of inverter Etc to work.

Nixies use high voltage. They need around 150-170 volts to strike, and then maintain around 120-140 volts or so across the tube while running.

I was wondering if this nixie clock comes with a case to hold the pcb board. I really like this one but I fear that dust would get on the board and cause the clock to malfunction over the years. . . .

This clock does not come with a case yet, and I am working on it, but not sure when it will be available. I have a few my clocks running without cases for years and it works fine, so dust does not affect clock functionality at all, unless you going to use it in some very dusty and wet conditions ( like workshops, garages and etc.), but I do not recommend it. Just use soft brush once per month/year and it will be OK...

Do I need a computer to let the clock work?

No, you do not need computer to keep clock running. Connection to PC is just extra feature allowing your to display some data from PC on the clock display.

Do you have power supply's for your clocks?

We usually do USA, UK, European Power adapters.

Would a magnetic field affect the clock?

Magnetic field can affect clock, but it depends on how strong and what direction this field is applied.

Is it possible not to put the seconds tubes in?

You can remove seconds tubes, but it's not recommended as in date display mode and in setup mode all 6 digits are used.

Can my clock run on car battery power for use in a vehicle?

No, unfortunately these clocks were not designed to be used on any sort of battery.

What is the proper voltage I should use for my clock/device?

IN-14 clock - power adapter 12V, min 1A   
IN-12 clock/counter - power adapter
12V, min  1A   
IN-13 thermometer-power adapter 12V, min 1A